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Make a statement in this classic "Team GirlTrek" shirt. Loose fit, plenty of room in the tummy area. Perfect for women who enjoy a cas...

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Define the Movement

Superhero Blue

The highly visible color that we wear so that the world can see this #GirlTrek movement coming! We are the superheroes of our community!

Define the Movement


Some people sweat, but we glow! This is the standard by which we measure effort! Are you glowing?

Define the Movement


The day of the week in which all GirlTrekker’s commit to walking in their communities, wearing superhero blue and using #GirlTrek at the 9am roll call as a way to inspire others to the movement.

Define the Movement

Victory Bridge

A post-walk celebration that involves a group of walkers forming a tunnel by holding up their arms and cheering women on as they complete the walk.

Define the Movement

Joy Jump

A post-walk celebration and signature photo opportunity of trekkers jumping up in the air to express their joy and happiness!

Define the Movement

GirlTrek Pace

We may not start out here, but our goal is to work up to 15-minutes per mile!

Define the Movement

Solo Trekker

The heart and soul of our movement. A woman who smashes walking challenges without a team as a declaration of self-care! She wears “superhero blue” so her community can rally behind her mission.

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GirlTrek is an army of healthy Black women and girls who fight for our lives. We believe that self-care is a revolutionary act. We believe that walking 30 minutes a day is a bare minimum. It is a practice of love, a daily discipline and health tradition. Everyday we walk to save our lives and we commit to bring as many women as possible along with us on the journey. When you share the gift of GirlTrek with a woman in your life, you invite her into a world of new possibilities and you help to grow the movement!